Blogging Break

Hey Ya'll,

I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted! I’m sorry. My 2 week blogging break turned into 3.5 and I totally skipped a prayer blog. Please extend grace and love to me though!

Basically, I went to Japan the end of October for a week of rest and time in the word. After over a year here in country, a trip out was not only wanted but was necessary for my wellbeing. It really brings clarity to your thoughts once you leave the chaos and mess and look from afar.

I also was completely burnt out spiritually. Having my 16 hour work days has played a huge toll on me and my physical body and spiritual being. So a trip away was good to try to recharge and fan the flame of love for the LORD in my heart.

I then arrived home on a Sunday morning and less than an hour later a World Race team arrived. My feet haven’t stopped running since!

Hosting teams is awesome because projects that can’t get done normally, get done. But that means that the day to day stuff needs to be done, admin and office work is done by me in early AM or late PM hours, and afternoons are filled with business helping the team fulfill the projects.

Blogging has been completely put to the way side and I’m sorry! However, during this time, blog posts and stories have been brewing and I’m excited to start working on them and share them.

Stay tuned,


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Osaka, Japan Umeda Sky Building 2015