A Prayer of the Heart

“Lord, make me a house. Make me house of prayer.”

This is a very simple lyric in a very simple song. I heard this song the first time while serving on a worship team at the International House of Prayer in the Kansas City prayer room. It first sounded like a good beat, then would build up fire down deep in my soul as the song progressed, and as I sang it, the words began to be tattooed on my heart. I began to strive in prayer and recite this lyric over and over again.

What was happening was I allowed this prayer to become a prayer of my heart. I prayed and I yearned to carry the presence of the LORD in such a heavy way that when I entered a room, sickness would flee, because I am a steward of His presence with a house of prayer at my core. I allowed these words to make a home in my heart.

My heart prayer in this day and hour, is the exact same thing and I believe that from this anchor of a prayer, other prayers will always be birthed from it.

This prayer of the heart has taught me how to pray without ceasing. The verse found in 1 Thessalonians 5:17 keeps many pondering. “How can it be done? How can that even be possible?” I once thought the same things. But as I sang this song and slowly let it weave a colour of thread in my prayer life tapestry, I have realized that this prayer is a prayer that never ceases in my heart. I have recited it boldly in a song with a crowd, I have whispered it in the night hours as I drift off to slumber, and I have caught myself singing it when I don’t even know I am singing.

Beloved, this prayer of the heart has been one of the most glorious and tedious things to develop. But the fruit of it is unmeasurable. What’s your prayer of the heart? 

Your praying sister in Christ,


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