The Highlights of 2015

Welcome to the New Year!

Can we just take a moment to take in the beauty of the LORD? This past year has been a phenomenal one. This year was filled with the love and peace of our God and savior. Myself, staff, and children, experienced God in new ways and also saw the hand of the Father over our entire home! My prayer is that you as well experienced the glory of our Father.

To celebrate the New Year, I would like to recap some of the amazing things that happened this year! Firstly, I made it through the fire! First year to be the director of an NGO and a leader of a children’s home is complete. I was raised up in January and haven’t stood down. And believe me, I couldn’t have done it without the Lord and His good spirit as well as the prayers of the saints sent up to heaven all around the world.

Secondly, we were blessed with 82 short term visitors at BYKOTA House in the year of 2015. Please join me in prayer that these days and few weeks that were sown into these individual’s, wouldfeel the calling of the LORD to be a world changers for life. That they would continue to be inspired to go out and save lives.  And if they are to partner with us again, bring your peace Father!

The kids have had an amazing year in English school with almost consistent teachers and volunteers in the class room. At the beginning of 2015 I received a vision for the kids school and with the help of many, I believe that we went somewhere with their studies. We were blessed by much encouragement to learn and strive academically and that really shaped how our year went.  Mid Khmer school year, the BYKOTA kids also received power from the Holy Spirit to speak to classmates concerning the gospel and the testimony of our LORD and savior and 8-9 children were adopted into the body of Christ. In honour of these newly saved believers, we through a huge celebration service in April.

We were blessed with the hands and the means to create a space to spend as a family as well as created a prayer room. Our home is built on prayer and we endeavor to create a culture of it. To give a room unto prayer completely changed the atmosphere. Prayer warriors are rising up and beginning to battle in the spiritual fight for breakthrough.

Thank you for everyone that has prayed, encouraged, and financially supported BYKOTA House in the year of 2016. Now go out, and save a life this year!

Love, Danielle Benz 

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