February Happenings and Prayer Needs!

Hello everyone reading this! 

I let January's prayer needs slip by me and I realize that it is half way through February and I'm finally posting this! Just so much to do and so little time! I hope the start of the New Year's and the International day of love yesterday treated you all well! 

BYKOTA House has been a busy place! Many new changes, a different season ahead of us, and many thins stirring! Over all, God has been good to us and we've had a comfortable start to the year ahead of us. One of the fun things that has started is my vlog! You can start watching here: 

 I am not daily vlogging, but I have vlogged alot! Three vlogs are posted, two are in the works of being edited, and two were lost. It is a difficult progress with the tools I have, but it has also been a joy of mine! If you watched Vlog 001 then you would know that this has been a dream for me for possibly 6 years! And it is finally starting. I woke up one day and just new that I had to jump into it! Please be patient with me as i figure out the art of this, as I try new things, fail a lot, and hopefully create something loved by my biggest support group, you. 

That brings me to why I am doing it: I love to create and inspire others and this is what I would say I am most passionate about. This Blog did just that. It gave me an outlet to write things down, post a message to the world, and hopefully have someone read it. But social media and the world are changing very quickly. Now the thing is to watch someones life and daily log from Youtube. And hopefully it is not too late to jump in and try it out! 

My intern Hannah is back from Christmas break and has quickly gotten the kids into normal school schedule again! It was a little hard while she was away and I was alone! So February has been a reminder of rules and mundane school assignments for the kiddos. 

The kids have also been striving to accomplish their 2016 goals and are blowing my mind. It is amazing how a little encouragement, a lot of reminders, and a little bit of competition from each other make a difference. They are taking even their free time to accomplish these goals! 

Special Needs are well but a little sad. Jan. 18th we had to say goodbye to some sweet Kiwi friends of ours that has played, served, and loved on each of our special needs kids. We pray blessings and prosperity for the Bluck family however! May they have a smooth adjustment into the next season of their lives. 

In closing, I would like to leave with you our February prayer needs: 

Community. Little community in town was established when I took over as director, and for the past year I have been struggling with the lack of that. Feeling very lonely and forgotten most of the time. Once a team left mid January, I decided to hit the ground running and change that. We have visited a few churches and reached out to people we know and I am hoping that very soon, a support group and community will establish itself. Please pray concerning community for myself and for the children. 

Strength for the weary. I am a very strong person but I wear my emotions on my sleeve. I am very weary, run down, and "exhausted" as Gene would say. Please pray for a new fervor and passion to ignite inside of me. 

Finances. I interviewed a few possibilities for a new admin or clerk position. This position greatly needs to be filled and would help the ministry become better, however, the salary for that position is not in the budget. Prayers concerning this topic. 

Full-time missionaries. We are one body, but many parts. As a director and mother to these children, I need the body of Christ to support and bring action and solutions to the tasks at hand. Having three amazing staff members and my intern Hannah, all on board with the vision of the ministry, we have had much fruit. However, the need for missionaries and full-time servants of the LORD is great. Please pray concerning this and for the ones that are called to come.

In Christ,

Danielle Benz

BYKOTA House Director


Instagram: @missdaniellebenz and @bykota_house

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmnR5Zxnw2M7hKoj-oQ8Eqg

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