Psalm 31:19

My greatest desire in life is to inspire others and encourage the body of Christ. My vision statement is actually, "Live a life that inspires others to save lives" Wherever my life goes, and the different seasons I find my self in, I know that I will be living my life according to this vision to save lives and inspire. 

 I am beginning a Youtube series, entitled, "Wednesday's Encouraging Word". #WEW My hope is that the body of Christ would be edified, the LORD'S word would be read out LORD and glorified, and the children of God would be strengthened in the knowledge of Jesus Christ. With 15 minutes to give, I recorded and uploaded my first video to that series on Wednesday. You can check it out down below. My hope is to keep them short but to be precise. Thus, to not take up a lot of your time. Please SHARE my video and also SUBSCRIBE to the channel. I am praying that the LORD would expand my tent boarders into other parts of the world through these videos, so that His word can be heard and the testimony of Jesus Christ can go forth. Please help share it to accomplish just that.

Thank you for watching, subscribing, and sharing! - Danielle