DISCLAIMER: Do not read this unless you are wanting to be provoked

Dear Friends,

Yesterday is a day we should be celebrating!!! My son, Beau Benz, is 10 years old. He is 10 and he is already following the mandate to go forth and make disciples. ( Matthew 28:19) 

Beau shared with me that yesterday morning at public, Cambodian, Buddhist school, Beau had the opportunity to share the gospel with friends and did! When he came into the office, I knew he wasnt in trouble but he wanted to tell me something. And his English teacher, Hannah, prepared me that it was good news by her facial expression! So I propped up my camera and got the whole thing on film!!!! 

We will have this moment for ever. The day that Beau shared the gospel and his friend received Jesus Christ as savior! 

The reason I share this video is to provoke you. I will come straight out and say it like it is. This commission isn't just for myself, a missionary in a third-world country. No. This commission was said to believers a like. We are all called to be Christ bearers and share the gospel. You don't have to leave your country to do that, but it's an activation in our faith that the LORD will use you and speak through you. Do you have faith to believe that? 

I remember in BIBLE school one of my fellow classmates said that he doubted his ability to share Christ with the lost. Then my teacher asked this student; "Did you go to Sunday school as a kid?" and the student responded that he had his whole childhood. The professor then said, "If you have been to Sunday school as a child one time, you know more than the others that have never been. And in that moment you are capable of sharing something that you learned." 

You see, there is an obligation to share the gospel. And yesterday morning, Beau did just that. Fear could have over come him, doubt was probably at the door of his heart, but instead he spoke the words of Jesus Christ and was a witness to the gospel. 

My 10 year old should provoke all of us to go out today and share the gospel to the lost.  

I have linked the video below so you can see for yourself what exactly went down in that beautiful afternoon. 

Love, Danielle Benz     

BYKOTA House Director 

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