March Prayer Points and Update

Hey y'all! 

Hello from Cambodia! So many things are happening and moving here! It's a very, very busy time. Jumping right in, the biggest update is that BYKOTA House is going to make the legal change from being a orphanage agreement with the government to being a community group home. Community group home basically means that we would be recognized as a family home. There are a few reasons why, but the most obvious one is that orphanages have a bad rap in the eyes of the government, and as the director and being aware of this, I have begun to move the motions for us to switch to being a group home. 

Secondly, the government has encouraged BYKOTA House to change our move date from December to as soon as possible. Our lease is up for this house in December 2016, but now we are looking into making the shift sooner than planned. Let the house searching begin! If you are interested in flying out to serve during those busy days of moving, please send your info to 

The kids have been enjoying our new rugby practices. This weekend we will attend a tournament as a family. This will be the very first rugby game for us to ever watch! I personally have been blessed with this experience. If you didn't know this, I grew up in America playing some limited sports, but once I moved to Cambodia as a preteen, the door was shut for me to have those experiences. To see these children in my care have these amazing opportunities is just breathtaking. I am in complete awe of the LORD and how He cares for His children. 

We have two more family members!!! We are so happy to announce that we have two more cats. These new Scottish friends of ours were dropped off Monday night. This will hopefully eliminate our rude house guests, the rats. I am not really a cat person and the hair and extra animals to care for drives me crazy, but at least I won't have any more rats poisoning my food and biting my children! 

Prayer Points:

We need missionaries to join us here at BYKOTA House. Currently, this ministry is run by myself on all aspects and one volunteer teenager interning from the states. We need people to prayerfully consider joining the work here in Cambodia.

The Move and House Hunting.

The Government shift and favor in the eyes of those in authority.

Strength, strength, and strength for me! I am growing very weak. The work load is too much and the pressure I am under on a daily basis is heavy. I need prayer warriors to back me up! 

Unity between my three native staff, myself, and volunteers.

The children's health as they begin to play sports for the first time.

Continual financial provision.

And lastly, a fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit to encourage and bless our hearts and minds in the love of Christ 



Danielle Benz



Instagram: missdaniellebenz and bykota_house