Your Self-worth

Hey guys!

I hope this finds you all well! Something that I have been processing for the last year is my worth. Conversations last night and this morning kept pointing me to the fact that there is a lack of understanding of worth here in Cambodia. I felt like it wasn't a coincidence that this subject was brought up since it's definitely something I'm passionate about.  So I figured, I'd share a little bit on this subject.

 Most usually, our worth is found in our occupation or talents. But those aren't accurate. Our worth is found in the LORD. He is the very reason of our existence. This past year has been horrific and amazing at the same time. I have dealt with so much persecution, pressures, and judgments cast because of the roll I play in this "job". I've had to really deal with where I get my self-worth and do I think I'm "worthy". I've had to part my ways with that "director" title and remember that I am me at the end of the day and that my self-wroth isn't found in that title.

Please watch this short video where I explain this subject a little more. I don't go in great detail but this is definitely a subject I am passionate about and will be sharing more on it in due time. 

Love, Danielle Benz