3 Things You Wouldn't Want To Hear

April 1st, 2016
I received an email today. It was a little disheartening but at the same time, good ideas. I was encouraged to look into the future of BYKOTA House and make some big decisions concerning the children and how BYKOTA House shouldn't be the solution for them and how I shouldn't be the children's mother.
April 2nd, 2016
Today I shared an old blog post on Facebook. I got three times as many views than the day I published it in 2015. However, I received one comment saying that, “orphanage building/running isn’t biblical”. I was shocked because it was a pastor from my home state.(James 1:27 people)
April 3rd, 2016
Out of the ordinary for me, I went to Facebook in hopes of finding encouragement. I sent requests to every single group imaginable. Today I received a response from a mothers’ group stating that the administration team, which doesn’t know me or anything about what I am doing, hopes I am “looking into alternative care options for each and every child in [my] care.”  My request to join was denied, and I was not allowed to be a part of receiving the much needed support.
April 4th 2016
I feel like the world is against me. I guess I’m doing something right.


If you are against Children Home’s and Orphanages, my suggestion is, instead of attacking the person that is keeping children off the street, safe from being raped, safe from being injured, safe from starving to death, adopt more kids. I am not boasting and saying that children homes are better than true family, but it is the best I can do and significantly better than the alternatives. I am open to advice and any support I can get, but non constructive criticism can only hurt and destroy. Take away point, think before you talk. 


Just a woman trying to love on the fatherless

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