What The Pins On Pinterest Can't Help You With

I did it again. I found myself on Pinterest yesterday. Hannah, my intern, had just returned home and I quickly showered, grabbed my stuff, and jetted out of the house. I needed to sit and be me. I had one of those mornings where everyone wants Mom. Everyone’s clinging on to me, and pushing around me. I needed me time badly. Went to my usual Sunday spot and just tried to breathe. I quickly read the blog posts I had saved up all week, the few YouTube videos I had been waiting to watch, wrote some things down, took lots of notes. And felt like I had done my duty at keeping up on social media. Then I decided I’ll take a break and look at pins. I immediately found it.

“Become a morning person: 11 rituals that can change your life.”

Read it. Wrote a few notes. Then ordered dinner and started back up working on nailing down this week’s schedule.

After arriving home after three precious hours alone, I decided to lock myself in my room and practice yoga. Falling asleep on the mat, I thought I might as well take advantage of my tired body and just sleep early.

Getting into bed, I was dreaming of my morning. What order will I do my 11 rituals in and what will be my favorite?  I had it planned. Alarm was set.

Then the morning comes: “bang bang bang”. A door slams. I am awake. My morning has begun. But I can hear the children are already running around and banging doors. I reach for my phone and it is a lovely 5:23am. My alarm hasn’t even gone off yet. I then had to do the dreaded, drag myself upstairs, find out who’s running, discipline them, talk through why they thought it was a good idea to run around, and then soon enough, eggs had to be made and school uniforms had to be prepared.

Pinterest is great. However, I don’t think that the “How to be a morning person” is Cambodian orphanage proof or child proof for that matter!


A Tired Night Owl