If You Give A Mouse A Cookie

“If You Give A Mouse A cookie” was written by Laura Numeroff. Winning nine awards and also was the first of the “If you give” children book series. The series went on to win eleven more awards and became a childhood favorite for generations. However, what this lovely children’s author does not depict is that this is one of the most factual books on the planet. You think I’m kidding. I am most certainly not. I am being completely honest with you.

This book is the description of every home with children, every single night of the week. And the same goes for the cute little orphans that I care for. Notice the sarcasm in that.

If you give an extended bed time by fifteen minutes for Legos, soon enough, an hour and forty-five minutes of your “free time” is completely gone. Actually, gone is not the correct word. It’s more like stolen, stolen by that mouse that once took the cookie and is now wanting more and more.

If you give them the privilege to watch one Avatar episode, pretty soon they have milked you for three hours of tv time and you are sitting back watching them rot like vegetables.

If you give them thirty minutes on a computer educational game one afternoon, then a week later you’ll find out that they haven’t done any math.

I need a cookie.