I'm Moving To New Zealand

Well, no. Not really. I actually wrote that title as clickbait! But I made you look because you’re reading this!

With BYKOTA house closed, it looks like the sky is the limit for me. People have been asking what I will do next and what my futures going to look like. Well, I don’t have an answer for the later one, but at least I do for the first one.

 Beginning of September I will be traveling to New Zealand to live on an island and “roughing” it with no electricity, or every day amenities.

I will be attending a Fathersheart Ministry Inheriting the Nations School and working out with God my wounds from the past and hopes for the future. It should be a beautiful time to encounter God and grow in my knowledge of the word and His will.

Upon finishing school, I will be returning to Cambodia for the holidays. What the first of the year looks like, I am not quite sure, but I know that He will light up my path in due time.

Some major prayer points:

My health has still been struggling with complications from surgery and then a nasty cold. Complete and totally healing for my body and a hedge of protection while on the island.

Finances stopped coming in in May. This summer the LORD has shown his amazing sovereignty and provided nearly free housing for me. However, coming back to Cambodia finances are going to be a huge burden. I have a huge lack in financial support. I also don’t have a “sending church” or even home town where I can go and fundraise and so supporters that individually feel called to give would contact me and also if I am to go somewhere for a time of support raising, where that would be.

That while I am away the LORD would downpour all that He wants for me. I am expectant to hear much while on the island so agree with me in prayer for that.

Safety while in transit from PP-KL-Perth-Melbourne-Auckland and then lastly to the island.

On another note, I will be sending out more intimate and prayerful emails and not publishing raw heart details on my blog. If you would like to be a part of that, please email benzinmissions@gmail.com with the subject line of “Add Me” and I will add you to that email list. For general updates please subscribe down below for an email update when I post a blog.


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